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Wedding Etiquette Every Guest Should Know

1. Send in your RSVP on time/before the deadline.


Many guests forget to submit their RSVP’s on time. I know I’ve been guilty of this one! This creates extra

work for the couple, and they may have to send you a reminder or two. Think of how special it is that the

couple has chosen to include you in their wedding day celebration. Consider it an honor! RSVP’s only take

a minute or two to complete, so get it done as soon as you can before you forget.


Responding before the deadline will give the couple a better picture of how many guests to expect on their

wedding day, and they’ll be able to create the seating arrangement and plan on the amount of food, plates,

chairs, and silverware needed. If your plans unexpectedly change after you’ve submitted the RSVP, make

sure to let the couple know of the change of plans.



2. Don’t bring a date if it’s not offered on the invite.


If you receive an invitation and your name is the only one listed on the invite, it’s disrespectful to ask the

couple if you can bring a plus one. The couple has already probably thought about and discussed whether

or not they have room for additional guests, and they have limited room or number of seats available.


The only exception to this rule is if you recently got engaged and your fiancé is not on the invite, then you

can ask the couple to reconsider. If the invite says something along the lines of “and guest” next to your

name, and you plan to bring a date, then be sure to list your date’s name in the RSVP.


3. Come on time to the ceremony.

We are all busy people, but out of respect for the couple, make it a priority to come on time to the ceremony.

I’ve been to many weddings where guests came in late or rushed in right before the bridal party entered the

ceremony. I’ve also seen guests walk in right after the bride walked in, and basically photo bomb the bride’s

pictures of her walking-down-the-aisle. Ouch. Don’t be that guest.


4. Don’t wear white to a wedding.

Wearing a white dress to a wedding where you are not the bride is considered disrespectful. You don’t want to

look like you’re trying to steal the spotlight from the bride on one of the biggest days of her life. Plus, there are

so many other festive colors to wear. So unless the couple requests that their guests wear white, don’t wear

white to a wedding and let the bride shine brightest.


5. Wear the requested attire.

Check your wedding invite or the couple’s wedding website for the attire you should wear. If the couple requests

formal attire, men should wear a suite or tuxedo and a tie, and ladies should wear a long evening dress, dressy

suit, or a cocktail dress. If the invite states semi-formal attire, a tuxedo or tie is not required but it’s encouraged

to wear one if you’d like to.


For women, semi-formal attire includes an evening dress or cocktail dress. Semi-formal attire does not mean that

you can wear jeans to a wedding. Jeans are usually not appropriate for a wedding, unless the couple requests

casual attire. Even in this case, it’s a good idea to double check with the couple if they are okay with guests wearing

jeans to the wedding.


6. Don’t skip the ceremony.

Maybe it’s not your thing to go to the ceremony or you’d rather just come for the food, drinks, and dancing, but

remember that the ceremony is an important part of the wedding, and there are a lot of meaningful and emotional

moments such as the walk down the aisle, the vow and ring exchange, the kiss, and the good relationship advice

you’ll get in between. You may think that no one will notice that you weren’t there, and maybe no one willnotice,

but you don’t want to miss this very important part of the wedding.


7. Don’t bother the bride with questions on the day of the wedding.


Imagine how many thoughts are running through the bride’s mind on the wedding day. If possible, don’t bother her

with unnecessary questions or phone calls on the day of the wedding. If you have an urgent question, however, try

to check first with a member of the bridal party, a family member, or the day-of coordinator.


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8. Don’t take photos during the ceremony or get in the way of the photographer(s) or videographer(s).


You may be tempted to get the best shot of the couple on their wedding day, but leave that to the professional

photographers/videographers. They have been hired for a reason. And if you really want to get a few pictures of the

couple and the wedding décor or venue, make sure you’re not in the photographer’s or videographer’s way. Also,

keep in mind that there are usually designated times for guests to take pictures with the bride and groom.


9. Silence your cell phone during the ceremony and vow exchange.

The ceremony and vow exchange is a special moment for the couple, and the last thing you want to hear is an

annoying ringtone come up when the bride is in the middle of her vows. Silence your cell phone to show respect

to the couple as well as the guests.

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Always Shine – A Reliable, Professional Gutter Cleaning Company in Sacramento

You might be wondering, “Why the heck do I have to clean my gutters?”

The simple answer is this: it costs a lot more not to clean your gutters. Gutter cleaning is super cheap in comparison!

What we’re talking about here is routine maintenance, just like with your car or anything else valuable you own. Sure, changing your oil is a bit of a hassle, but if you skip it for long enough, your car’s engine will grind to a halt and you’ll have the world’s most expensive molten metal paperweight.

The same thing is true with your gutters and your house. Let’s go into the details a little bit more.

Sacramento gutter cleaning can save you a ton of money

Gutters collect a lot of debris hanging there off the roof of your house – grass, weeds, seeds, leaves, twigs – it’s a lot. And if you leave it all up there, you eventually get some scum, mold, rot, and a partridge in a pear tree, too.

No, really! Birds will nest in your gutter if you don’t keep it clean.

But that’s only the beginning of your problems. A full gutter can’t do the main thing you need a gutter to do: properly drain water and put it where it needs to go to protect your property. When gutters are clean, water flows through them and goes exactly where your home’s designers decided it should go. Your home interior stays nice and dry. When your gutter is full, this system breaks down. Water can collect around the base of your house. Instead of being in control of water flow on your property, now Mother Nature is in control, and Mother Nature can do some damage when she’s in the mood to.

The damage caused by full gutters that haven’t been serviced by any gutter cleaning companies Sacramento

  • Black mold. Ok. Your gutters are full and water is now collecting around the base of your house. It seeps into the interior and brings with it tons of black mold spore: one of a homeowner’s worst enemies. Once it’s in, it’s extremely hard to get out – and worse, it’s toxic. Black mold is harmful to the health of everyone in your house, right down to the pets. You’ll have to hire a remediation company to get rid of it, and you’ll probably need to leave your house and stay somewhere else (maybe a hotel) while it gets handled. Expensive!
  • Damage to shingles, paint, and fascia. A heavy, full gutter is going to spread rot to your paint and start to compromise your shingles. There’s also the issue of all that weight! Your gutter is attached to a board that runs along your roof edge called a “fascia board.” The gutter is supposed to be light, but when it gets full of junk, it gets heavy and can pull the board excessively, damaging it. Now we’re talking about costly repairs to your fascia and perhaps the gutter itself.
  • Frame damage. Yes, it’s true! Water heading into your home where it doesn’t belong can rot your framing wood and cause structural damage. We won’t even quote numbers here. This stuff gets ridiculous, and simple routine gutter maintenance from a gutter cleaning company in Sacramento is a lot cheaper.

Leave it to the pros – Always Shine! One of the top gutter cleaning companies Sacramento

You might be tempted to clean out your gutters yourself, but there’s a few reasons it might be better to simply leave it to the pros.

  1. We’re fully trained in gutter cleaning, but also gutter assessment, testing, and repair. It’s one thing to pull handfuls of leaves out of a gutter – it’s another to leave a gutter system knowing it works just like it should. Always Shine can do the whole job right from start to finish.
  2. We’ve got all the equipment needed to do the job properly. This includes special attachments for power washers and blowers, ladders, replacement parts and hardware, and more. If you want a job done right, you need the right tools!
  3. We can handle the full job, which includes getting rid of gutter debris, clearing downspouts, and ensuring everything is working and draining properly. We also have optional roof blow offs and debris removal.

If you need a gutter cleaning company in Sacramento, please consider Always Shine. We’re reliable, professional, and offer cost effective plans that will take gutter maintenance off your mind for good.

Don’t wait! Spots will fill up quickly.

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The 2019 Wedding Trends To Watch

Wedding trends may come and go, but we’ve got a pretty everlasting love for THESE 12 wedding trends of 2019. Keep ’em on your radar and hold ’em in your heart because we’re confident every last one of them will make you do a triple take. Don’t you feel so glad we live in a day and age where color reigns supreme? 2018 may have been all about delicacy and minimalism, but 2019 is bringing back some punch through vibrant hues, flirty fashion and mixed textures all around. Find a cozy place and settle in for the wedding whimsy ahead!

honey colored wedding tablescape with drippy petals
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Fast SEO Sacramento

If you are in need of a firm with proven expertise in offering topnotch SEO services in Sacramento, then you have come to the right place.

We have everything it takes to bring the needed online boost to your business.

SEO Sacramento SEO
Here, let’s highlight some significant benefits that businesses stand to gain from using a Sacramento SEO expert:

Better web visibility and search engine ranking.
Increase in target reach and page hits.
A surge in sales and profit.
Maximization of ROI.
Reduction in marketing and advertising expenses.
Improve in online reputation.
Increased traffic conversion from social media channels.
Global recognition of the brand.

Here at SEO Sacramento, we have everything it takes to deliver the desired traffic for your business’ website. However, you’ll need to understand and follow best practices to sustain results. Contact us today and let’s talk about how we can help get you sustained traffic and sales conversion.

Marketing is one of the essential aspects that guarantee the life of any business today and in the future. Without paying the right level of attention to it, even the best companies stand the chance of losing to smaller ventures in their competition. As trends continue to unfold, people are beginning to see just how important online marketing is for future sales generation and business sustainability; after all, sales generation is now almost a direct function of web visibility. This is one primary reason why marketers are relying on SEO strategies to get their desired target audience. SEO is a very vital strategy adopted by marketers to get the ranking of their sites up on search engine results.

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Thomas and Sarah {private horse ranch engagement -discovery bay}

Sarah and Thomas’ engagement session at a private horse ranch in Discovery Bay was everything in my dreams. It took me about 3 seconds to decide I absolutely adored Sarah and Thomas. I mean I actually loved them before I met them hearing their story from Sarah’s mom and finding out she was a horse girl like me. When they told me they wanted to shoot their engagement session a their friend’s private Arabian Ranch I practically jumped through the phone right that second. On top of that, I found out Thomas is a firefighter and they were bringing their dog to the shoot. All hail members of the fire community and dog and horse lovers. As illustrated below, they are a damn hoot and we had a blast roaming around the property capturing their personalities and joy to be in each other’s presence. Very much looking forward to their wedding and am excited to share that with y’all soon. Congrats you two!

discovery bay engagement photographerdiscovery bay engagement photographer

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Here’s To Us – Nick & Christina

It’s often been said that the most beautiful thing a girl can wear is a smile, and El Dorado, California based recording artist Christina Cimorelli must be a big believer in that idea because she never seems to be without one. Christina is the leader of the band “Cimorelli” which she formed with her sisters Katherine, Lisa, Amy, Lauren, and Dani. Together these six talented sisters have performed all over the world, in the United States, Canada, South America and Europe. The group’s rise to popularity started with YouTube videos of pop music covers, which led to a recording contract and writing their own music. Cimorelli now has four full length albums and several EPs to their credit.

Christina has a reputation in her family as the bubbly one, always quick with a smile or a laugh, but she’s also energetic and driven, and once she sets her sights on something, it’s as good as hers. So when Nick Reali came into her life, well, it could only turn out one way. She found him to be kind and sensitive, with a really fun energy. “We never had any awkward silences, which was amazing, but underneath it all, you could just really tell this is a guy with strong values who genuinely cares about people,” Christina says.

For his part, Nick found Christina irresistible, saying, “After our first date I was hooked. Christina is really passionate about life and has such a charismatic energy! She makes me want to grow as a person. Plus, she’s cute, and just a lot of fun to be with.”

However, when it came to proposing, it sure seemed to Christina like Nick took his sweet time. “I waited basically all of 2017 for a proposal. I was so impatient, thinking to myself, ‘HELLO NICK, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?’ I had to calm myself down on numerous occasions, when the proposal I was anticipating didn’t happen. Then one day he mentioned that they had special dinner plans in a few weeks. I instantly thought ‘OMG THIS IS IT!’ But then I thought, ‘If I’m wrong, and he doesn’t propose, I will probably injure him,’ she says with a laugh.

“As we drove to dinner that night, I searched for any signs of a proposal. My eyes scanned his pockets for a ring box. I paid attention to what he was wearing. I tried to read his vibe. He was CALM AS A FREAKING CUCUMBER. I panicked. How could he be so calm if this was the night? We get to the restaurant, an absolutely beautiful place called ‘Giovanni’s’ and they led us upstairs to a special dining room. No one else was up there and we had the place completely to ourselves. DING DING DING. The next thing I know Nick says ‘Do you know why I picked tonight? Because 8 years ago today is the day we first talked.’”

“Instantly I was hit with an insane wave of emotion. Surprise. Euphoria. Shock. What the heck? I’d prepared for this for years, and now, when it finally happens, I’m unraveling! It was a good feeling, though. Just then our waitress appeared with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and she handed me an envelope containing a letter written by Nick. As I reached the end of his adorable sentiments, it said that he had a question for me. I looked up to see tears streaming down his face as he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said yes through my tears and we both cried and cried for several minutes.”

“It had been such a long time coming, there was so much pent up emotion, my memory of the rest of that evening is just a haze of delirious happiness. Finally, we were officially going to take this HUGE next step in life together and get married.”

When it comes to planning a wedding, Christina learned to get it all done quickly. “Don’t tell yourself it’s too early to plan anything! When you’re all excited at the very beginning of your engagement, just go for it and get all your ideas out there. I did so much dreaming and brainstorming in those first few weeks and it helped me a lot when it came down to the wire and I was starting to get stressed and thinking creatively was much harder!”
Christina enlisted the help of long time family friend Donna Smith, who happens to be the owner of 09 Events, to coordinate and style her wedding, which was to take place at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Sacramento before 200 family members and friends. Donna was also responsible for finding the right local wedding professionals to make Christina and Nick’s day go perfectly.

Since the bride is the main focal point of any wedding day, it was important that Christina look her best and MadBeauty kept her look natural and fresh. Wearing her hair down in soft curls with a simple crystal headband and veil, she looked beautiful.

Christina describes Nick’s reaction when he finally saw her in her dress and veil, saying “He was completely blown away and he’s never looked at me like that before or been so happy before and it just made us both so euphorically happy in that moment and set the stage for the most romantic and love-filled day I’d ever experienced in my life.” That big, beautiful gown wasn’t the easiest thing to wear, though, Christina recalls. “My dress was HUGE and it was hard to get around in it. Nick was just being so sweet the entire day, helping me very very patiently as I was constantly needing help to adjust my gown or hold up parts of it just to walk!”

Christina and Nick both share a special memory of the Mass. “It was such an incredible feeling standing there before God and everyone we care about and making this vow to each other. It was surreal,” Christina says. “During the ceremony, Nick and I were all smiles. I had never seen him smile that big or that much in my entire life. It was the most special moment and feeling I’d ever experienced. I started crying during the Mass because I just realized how incredibly lucky I am to be marring such a great man. No one could see my tears except for Nick because our backs were to the guests so it was a special moment between just us two.”

Fretty’s Limousine delivered the newly married couple in style to their reception at Miners’ Leap Winery in Clarksburg. Miners’ Leap is a great outdoor space with lovely landscaping and plenty of room — perfect for concerts, weddings and private events — and perfect for this wedding because you know there just had to be a performance by the Cimorelli sisters! The venue was decorated with vintage decor vignettes in place for the cake display, table assignments, a popcorn station, guest cards and a lounge area, and a fun cascade of balloons was strung across the stage area bu Balloons by Carolyn.

“Speaking of performances, Christina’s wedding inspired her to write the song “Here’s to Us” for Nick, which became the title track on Cimorelli’s recently released EP “Here’s to Us”. It also contains two other original songs that Christina wrote for Nick, as well as four covers of some of the couple’s favorite love songs. Visit Cimorelli’s YouTube channel to see videos from “Here’s to Us” and their other songs and fun videos.

“When it was time for our first dance, it was like everyone disappeared and we were in our own world,” Christina remembers. “I have to admit, I cried during the dance because I was so beyond happy to be with such a loving man. That dance was so special to me and I truly felt like a princess in that moment. With Nick’s ridiculously sweet smiles and comments to me all day, it was just magical.”

Christina and Nick honeymooned at Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, enjoying a week-long getaway of relaxation, and romantic dinners at their fabulous resort. “We had the most chill and relaxing time, even the day where remnants of a hurricane blew through, and we got completely soaked running from the car to the hotel. Still, we had a blast. The resort had a beautiful pool, and we went on bike rides in search of alligators (and saw MANY) and then even tried fried alligator!”

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IndigoSkyStudios – Sacramento Wedding Photography & Videography

The love story begins with dating. A story of the family – with a wedding photo. The wedding photo bears the fullness and sincerity of all the happy moments of the wedding cerimony. This photographer is able to convey all the emotions that people experience on the day of their wedding. A professional wedding photographer from Sacramento will help you determine the place and scenario of the ceremony video. Our company has a complete set of all modern solutions for that would make the wedding photography unique. A great selection of wedding packages will help you choose exactly what you need and do this day is unforgettable.

Indigo Sky was created with a simple vision in mind. A vision to bring together some of the brightest photographers and videographers as one family.

Our photographers are eager to use their talents in capturing your special moments. They understand that what they capture through their lenses will last a lifetime

for you and your loved ones to cherish. Our videographers are trained to capture your special moments of laughter, love and tears of joy in detailed and cinematic artistry that will truly reflect the beauty of your wedding day. Based in Northern California, we provide services all through the nation. Contact our professional team today.

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